Import ICS Files to Google Calendar

Use our free tool to convert and import your ICS files directly to Google Calendar! It's quick, straightforward, and completely free! Easily generate a Google Calendar link from an ICS file using this tool.

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What are .ICS files?

ICS files, also known as iCalendar files, are a standard format for storing and exchanging calendar information. These files, with a .ics extension, contain details about events such as start and end times, descriptions, locations, and reminders. They are widely used for importing and exporting events between different calendar applications like Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and Apple Calendar.

How to import ICS file to Google Calendar (Step-by-Step Conversion Guide)

  1. Upload Your ICS File:

    Select and upload your ICS file easily or drag it into our conversion area. Our tool is designed to handle files of all sizes efficiently.

  2. Instantly Convert Your ICS:

    Press 'Convert' and let our tool do the work. In seconds, you'll receive a Google Calendar link with your event details precisely mapped.

  3. Import to Google Calendar:

    Click the generated link to open your event in Google Calendar. Add it to your calendar with a single click, adjusting any details if necessary.