Cal.et + Notion

Create your add-to-calendar link using Cal.et and copy & paste the HTML Code it in Notion.
It's that easy.

Integrate with Notion

“Add To Calendar” Link
on Notion.

Cal.et can be embedded within Notion pages using its link,
enabling users to incorporate calendar events directly through a Notion action widget.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Cal.et is a tool that generates a shareable links for adding events to popular calendars like Google and Apple. It also offers embeddable HTML codes and QR codes for easy integration into websites, emails, and more.

Well, Why Not? 🤷 Here at Cal.et, We believe in Simplicity and Accessibility. Our current plan is FREE because we want everyone to experience the magic of easy calendar sharing. But hang tight — Exciting upgrades are on the way! We're working on advanced features that'll make your calendar sharing even smarter. Keep an eye out for Our ⭐️ Premium options coming soon!

Cal.et supports all the popular calendar services including Google, Apple, Outlook, Yahoo and Office365 calendars. Cal.et also offers an ICS file, allowing integration with any calendar.

Yes, Cal.et can be integrated into Notion pages with its embeddable link, allowing users to add events to their calendars as a notion action widget.