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Thursday, May 16th 2024Written By Yared

When it comes to choosing an event management tool that streamlines calendar integration and enhances event organization, both and stand out as strong contenders. As the owner of, I’m excited to delve into a detailed comparison to help you understand the unique strengths of each platform and ultimately highlight why is the superior choice for your needs.

Overview is a free, user-friendly tool designed to create "Add to Calendar" links that are perfect for sharing across social media, newsletters, and emails. It supports major calendar services including Google, Apple, Outlook, Yahoo, and Office365​. is a robust platform offering a wide range of features including subscription calendars, embeddable events, and automated add-to-calendar buttons. It's designed to help businesses share their events and get them onto users' calendars efficiently​

Key Features Comparison

1. Ease of Use

  • Known for its simplicity, allows users to generate calendar links quickly and embed them into various digital platforms. The straightforward interface ensures minimal learning curve​ .

  • While also user-friendly, AddEvent offers a more feature-rich environment which might require a bit more time to master, particularly for those unfamiliar with advanced event management tools​

2. Customization Options

  • Offers essential customization options such as embeddable HTML code, QR code generation, and an RSVP option for event links. Additionally, it provides CSV export capabilities, making it easier to manage attendee data and streamline event organization

  • Provides extensive customization capabilities, including embeddable events and calendars, customizable landing pages, and dynamic event updates. This makes it a versatile choice for users needing more detailed control over their event presentations​

3. Integration Capabilities

  • Integrates seamlessly with popular calendar platforms, ensuring that event links are easily added to users' preferred calendars​

  • Excels in integration, offering API and Zapier support, which allows for automated event additions and syncing with a variety of third-party applications. This is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to automate their event management processes​

4. Pricing

  • Offers a free plan that covers basic functionalities, making it an excellent choice for startups and small businesses looking for cost-effective solutions​

  • Provides tiered pricing plans starting at $29/month, with more advanced features available in higher-tier plans. While it offers a broader range of features, the cost can be a consideration for smaller organizations​

5. Customer Support

  • Known for responsive and dedicated customer support, ensuring users receive timely assistance with any issues they encounter​

  • While praised for its support, some users have noted that response times can vary, and the lack of a live chat option can be a downside. However, their support team is proactive in addressing feedback and making improvements​.

Continuous Improvement and User Feedback

One of the standout aspects of is its commitment to continuous improvement and user feedback. We are constantly enhancing our platform by adding new features and functionalities. Our development team is dedicated to listening to our users' needs and incorporating their feedback to make even more powerful and user-friendly.

In the coming weeks and months, will introduce a range of advanced features that will further simplify event management and enhance the user experience. These updates are part of our ongoing effort to provide the best possible service and stay ahead of the curve in the event management industry.


Both and offer valuable tools for event management, but they cater to slightly different needs:

  • is perfect for those seeking a straightforward, cost-effective solution with essential features and seamless calendar integration.

  • is ideal for users who need more advanced features and are willing to invest in a more comprehensive tool with extensive customization and integration options.

For a user-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient event management tool, stands out as the superior choice. It simplifies the process of sharing events and ensures seamless integration with major calendar services, all while offering excellent customer support and a free pricing model that provides significant value. Plus, with our commitment to continuous improvement, you can expect to keep getting better, with new features and enhancements based on user feedback.

By choosing, you’re opting for simplicity, efficiency, and a commitment to making your event management process as smooth as possible. Experience the ease of today and elevate your event management to the next level.