Add to Calendar Link Generator. is a simple and free “Add to Calendar” link generator that can be shared on social media, newsletters, websites, emails, and everywhere else with ease. ✨

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Recurring events are supported by Apple, Google Calendar, and iCal. For compatibility with Yahoo Calendar, Outlook, and other platforms, we recommend sharing the calendar containing the recurring event for users to subscribe to.
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One Short Link.

You receive a concise link that contains your event information and an "Add to Calendar" button. This link is compatible with popular calendar services like Google, Apple, Outlook, Yahoo, and others.

Embeddable Code.

You also receive an embeddable HTML code, allowing you to easily add it to your newsletters, emails, and even your website. It's as simple as copy and paste.

QR Code & Direct Calendar Link. generates a QR code along with the short link for your event, enhancing accessibility also If you prefer sending a direct link to a specific calendar provider, such as Google, we have you covered.

Compatible with All Your
Favorite Tools.

There's no need to master a new tool. Continue using your existing marketing automation tool to distribute 'add to calendar' links.

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RSVP with add to calendar link

Collect RSVPs.

Collect RSVPs and easily add events to your users' calendars. Create your RSVP event for any webinar or physical location, for free — It's Easy. You can also export the RSVPs in CSV format.

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Use Your Logo

Upload your logo to make your event pages instantly recognizable. Your brand identity will be the first thing attendees see, reinforcing your presence and professionalism.

Custom Colors

Select colors that resonate with your brand or event’s mood. This personal touch ensures a visually cohesive experience for your attendees, enhancing their engagement.

Remove “Powered by”

Opt for a cleaner look by removing the “Powered by” footer. This lets your brand take the stage without distractions, offering attendees a purely branded experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions. is a tool that generates a shareable links for adding events to popular calendars like Google and Apple. It also offers embeddable HTML codes and QR codes for easy integration into websites, emails, and more. supports all the popular calendar services including Google, Apple, Outlook, Yahoo and Office365 calendars. also offers an ICS file, allowing integration with any calendar.

Yes, you can collect RSVPs with for free.

Yes, can be integrated into Notion pages with its embeddable link, allowing users to add events to their calendars as a notion action widget.